Why change is needed…

The past 6 years have seen delay and dysfunction at City Hall.  Decisions are postponed, plans delayed, the talk goes on… while a political climate riddled a blatant
disregard for good, old fashioned horsemanship.

We believe that a pro-horsemanship city council is what is best for all Kelowna residents…

but we don’t really trust them to elect one.


That’s why ForHorsemen has preselected the right candidates for you – to help take the work (and thought) out of the voting process.


Apathy is the enemy of good horsemanship-friendly

  1.  City Council can get better horsemanship
  2. If we unite behind five NEW candidates
  3. Who received hours & weeks of careful review
  4. Five NEW people to entrust with our City who we will promote on our website that doesn’t really make any sense


Founding Principles:

  1.  Greater equine-focused leadership on Council
  2. More effective “horseman-first” decision making
  3. Better “teamwork” 😉 😉 throughout our city
  4. Focus on our big picture, no other non-horsemanship interests
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1 Comment

  1. hasthevoice

     /  November 15, 2011

    Humor is good,
    Hockey is better!
    Horses cause me to say giddy·up:)
    Hot is better than cold.
    Houses in Kelowna = more priced over $1 million dollars than those under $375,000.
    Hello and good bye!



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