BREAKING NEWS (11/10/14)… ForHorsemen signs exclusive deal to spend entire enormous media advertising budget on brand placement spots in reruns of “Little House on the Prairie”     “Charles Ingalls supports ForHorsemen’s Five”

BREAKING NEWS (11/10/11)… Check out the video of the recent candidate forum featuring the ForHorsemen’s five “RIGHT candidates” – click here

BREAKING NEWS (11/09/11)… ForHorsemen has released their list of the 5 RIGHT CANDIDATES – click here

Why Change is Needed…

The past 6 years have seen delay and dysfunction at City Hall.  Decisions are postponed, plans delayed, the talk goes on… while a political climate riddled a blatant
disregard for good, old fashioned horsemanship.

We believe that a pro-horsemanship city council is what is best for all Kelowna residents…

but we don’t really trust them to elect one.

That’s why ForHorsemen has preselected the right candidates for you – to help take the work (and thought) out of the voting process.

Apathy is the enemy of good horsemanship-friendly

  1. City Council can get better horsemanship
  2. If we unite behind five NEW candidates
  3. Who received hours & weeks of careful review
  4. Five NEW people to entrust with our City who we will promote on our website that doesn’t really make any sense

Founding Principles:

  1. Greater equine-focused leadership on Council
  2. More effective “horseman-first” decision making
  3. Better “teamwork” ;);)throughout our city
  4. Focus on our big picture, no other non-horsemanship interests
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